Somewhere In Between.

Note: And now for the third installment of my post on Prose Nylund’s first anniversary post. (Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here). I know it’s realllly late in coming, but I’ve actually been really busy, most of all with a career change. But now I’ve found my balance, so it’s back to blogging!


About ten years ago, I received a block-shaped stub of a book via a Secret Santa exchange at a staff Christmas party.

It was called The Writer’s Block

I was ecstatic, of course, as it was an acknowledgment of and a contribution to my persona as The Writer (even though there was not much writing going on at all back then) and because I believed that it would be the “thing” that would finally deliver me from my slump. And it would.

Just not for another eight years.

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“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

R.I.P., Steve Jobs.

“I work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget.”


Um, ‘scuse me, Mr. Brown, but a lot of us work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget. We would love to not be ballin’ on a budget. We just don’t make the money that you do. Just because you make tons more money than the average individual, doesn’t mean that they don’t work just as hard – if not harder – than you do. The amount of money you make doesn’t always correlate with how hard you work.

So maybe you should be singing “I make too much cash to be ballin’ on a budget” instead, because the phrase you’re currently using is a huge insult to the people who do not happen to work in the entertainment industry and do not get to enjoy the same lifestyle as you do.  While you believe that it’s your right  – and that it’s a priority – to have bottle service at a club, the rest of us are just lucky to clear our bills every month and, oh yeah, have a meal or two per day.

But you take a load off hun, because our hearts bleed for how hard you work; we empathize, ’cause the rest of us have it sooo easy.

A Hostel (Hostile) Controversy.

 A few weekends ago, I went cottaging with some friends of mine. I had a really good time, and despite not being much of an outdoors person, I even canoed for the first time, which was a total blast! But the thing I’m most proud of is the fact that I did NOT get drunk ONCE that weekend…except if I had, it would’ve at least been an good excuse for why I tripped over the fireplace hearth and fell down flat-faced on the floor.

Anyway, we played Taboo one night. It was my turn to wield the buzzer and supervise the opponent from the other team whose turn it was to read from the cards. He came across the word hostel, but started using descriptors as though it were instead the word hostile. It was easy enough a mistake to make, considering that some people pronounce the words similarily; however, the very different words to describe hostel were right there on the card, which would actually make it difficult to mix things up.

Regardless, the other players on the opposing team gave the “correct”answer, at which point I pressed the buzzer, deeming it incorrect, seeing it as a technicality. But the others didn’t see it that way, and I didn’t want to be one of those douchebags who make a big deal out of minor, trivial things, so I let it go, the game went on, and everyone had fun.

Still, it goes to show you all of the twists and turns the English language can sometimes take.

Blog Slut.

Now for part two of Prose Nylund’s 1st anniversary post…nearly a month (give or take two dozen weeks) after the fact! Read part one here!

Prose Nylund is not my first blog.

That was “Melicious So Delicious”, which debuted in 2009. (I’ll give you five minutes to stop laughing at the lame-ass title. But don’t bother spending any of those 300 seconds Googling it, either, ’cause I deleted that shit.)

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Longest. Spam Comment. Evah.

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Yeah, I’ll get to that  5 minute video, right after I find out who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby; the person/people really responsible for the Kennedy assassination; where Amelia Earheart’s been hanging out for the past 60-odd years, and what the hell’s been keeping Keith Richards alive.