55 Word Short Stories: It’s All In The Delivery

Note: This also counts as a holiday story.

Wendy kept James awake with her tossing and turning, but he understood, considering her advanced condition.

Just as he finally got to sleep, he woke up to the sound of Wendy exiting the bathroom, saying “Happy Labour Day!”

Still half-asleep, he mumbled, “But that was yest – oh,” stopping short when he saw her drenched nightgown.


55 Word Short Stories: Pregnant Pause 2.

It’s been five years since Kim and Caitlin have seen each other, so they make a date over Facebook to meet for a sushi lunch.

“Oh my God!” Kim exclaims at Caitlin’s protruding figure. “You’re expecting!”

“Oh my God!” Caitlin replies, looking Kim up and down. “So are you!”

Kim frowns. “No, I’m not.”

55 Word Short Stories: Eating Out.

At the dinner table, Sienna wrinkles her nose in disgust at Adele’s plateful of pasta. “How can you put all those carbs in your mouth?” she scoffs as she digs into her salad.

“Uh, considering all the things you put in your mouth, I wouldn’t talk!” her twin shoots back.

“Girls!” their mother scolds.

55 Word Short Stories: Cat Scratch Fever.

Tuesday nights at the dojo meant kumite – sparring.

When Adele and Sienna – twin sisters and total hotties – had their turn, Brian decided it would be funny to exclaim: “Meow! Catfight!”

But he didn’t find it so funny when, on his walk home after class, a stray tabby left long scratches on his left cheek.

55 Word Short Stories: Get Oprah It.

Cynthia’s curled up on the couch in her robe, surrounded by junk food and balled-up tissues. “Twenty-five years and it’s over!” she keeps crying.

“Jeez,” Bree says to Janet. “You’d think Mom would’ve gotten over this by now.”

“Right?!” Janet replies. “It’s not like Oprah’s completely off TV – she’s still got her own network!”

55 Word Short Stories: An Affair To Remember

Angie’s giving Chelsea a bath one evening, half-listening to her four-year-old’s chatter when something catches her ear.

“I love you Janelle. I neeed you. I wanna leave my wife for you.”

Angie chuckles. “Where’d you hear that? From TV?”

Chelsea shakes her head. “From Daddy when he was on the phone yesterday.”

55 Word Short Stories: Falling In Love Again

Suzy’s husband flew back from his “business trip” immediately and rushed straight to the hospital as soon as he’d heard. He was frantic – which pleased her – and attentive in a way he hadn’t been in years – which pleased her more.

And made her “accidental” tumble down the stairs – and subsequent broken arm – totally worth it.