Just a few things I forgot to mention in my first post:

1. Some of these tips suggest that I use my own personal experiences, but I will only be writing fiction.

2. Some of the tips are not ideas for stories, but rather suggestions on how to improve your writing, such as finding places outside your home to write (i.e. libraries, cafes, restaurants) or carrying a notebook wherever you go should inspiration hit you. Obviously, those will be skipped.

3. I know this seems like a rip-off of Julie Powell’s blog, (of Julie and Julia fame), but I honestly wasn’t even thinking of that until someone brought it up. Of course, I will be writing, not cooking.

So that’s that. Next post will be a story for sure. And will I NOT procrastinate!


Sh-t Or Get Off The Pot.

I decided to start this blog because I am a big fat procrastinator. Writing is what I love to do the most, but it’s also what I do the least. Part of it is because I’m a perfectionist, part of it is because I fear failure, part of it is because I lack motivation.

But most of  it is because I am a big fat procratisnator.

I’ve started and stalled on so many novels I’ve lost count. The most recent one was written last year; I got up to 95 pages, the most ever. But still: unfinished. Most of the short stories I’ve written have been school projects. I’ve always intended to enter short story contests but have never followed through. I’ve bought annuals containing the names of literary magazines of which I’ve intended to send short stories…but still, no follow through.

Well. All that ends today.

I’ve come across a way to jump start my writing.

I was given this book several Christmases ago via a Secret Santa exchange (Thanks, Steve, wherever you are!) It contains, as you can see on the cover of the book: “786 Ideas To Jump-Start Your Imagination.” These ideas include either a single sentence, i.e. “Tell a story in the form of a prayer”; what they call a Spark Word: “Superstitious”; or a flat out suggestion from the author, such as turning your favourite urban legend into a story.

So what I am going to do with this blog is write a story for every single idea and make it an entry. Each story may take me a week to write; it may take me a month. But I will complete all of them. I figure it’s a good way to get me in the practice of writing regularly. Then, I’ll be so used to it that maybe I can finally tackle my lifelong dream of writing – and completing – and publishing – a novel.

P.S. This blog is named for two of my favourite authors: Toni Morrison and Margaret Atwood.  In case that wasn’t obvious.