Put Your Mind To It, Go For It, Get Down and Break a Sweat!

I’ve posted about a lot of writing contests in the past, but have never followed through on entering any of them.

Well, that’s going to change. While I’m not going to enter all of them, I am going to grow a pair and enter at least one, which is pretty major: the CBC Short Story prize. I’ll try to ignore the voice in my head telling me that there’s going to be far far far more talented writers than I and that I will probably have a better chance of being George Clooney’s next lay than winning at least third prize. And if I don’t follow through with this, I will let you come over to my house and punch me in the organ of your choice.* Though punching me in the liver would be pretty pointless, as would my brain, ’cause both have already suffered enough damage as it is. Okay, how about my uterus? I have no use for that thing.

Or instead, you can join me in entering. Who knows? Your story might win over mine**!

I know I’ve posted details about this contest in particular before, but the following is much much more detailed. Because, well, they’re screen caps. Or you could just mosey on over here.

*not a guarantee
**not bloody likely

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I Suck (And Not In a Good Way)

In the past I’ve posted about writing contests and so far have not entered a one. Also, I dropped the ball ’cause there were a lot of contests this summer that I could’ve posted but didn’t.

Anyway, the following is a bunch of contests for Fall/Winter 2011. I’m not going to promise I’ll enter any of them ’cause I suck (hence the title) but who knows? I may surprise myself. I’ll at least try to try to try.

International 3-Day Novel Contest

  • Pre-register on their website, then write a novel over the 3-day weekend.
  • Deadline: Friday before Labour Day
  • Prize: Winner is published by 3-Day Books; runner-up and shortlist get cash & other prizes
  • Entry fee: $50

For more details, click the link provided above.

Lawrence House Short Story Competition

  • Unpublished stories up to 2,500 words
  • Deadline: September 30th
  • Prize: 1st prize: $250, 2nd prize: $150, 3rd prize: $100
  • Entry fee: $20

Not sure if they still do this contest; I checked their website but saw no sign of it. If you’re really interested, drop them an e-mail at lawrencehouse@live.com. I may do so myself so I’ll update if/when I get a response!

CBC Literary Awards

  • Three categories: short story, poetry & creative non-fiction (in English and French)
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Prize: 1st prize: $6,000, 2nd prize: $4,000 + publication in enRoute magazine and broadcast on CBC Radio One.
  • Entry fee: $20/submission

Entry forms are available on their website. They still have it up for 2010 but I’m assuming that’s because the contest deadline is in November.

The Writer’s Union of Canada Awards and Competition – Short Prose Competition of Developing Writers

  • Unpublished fiction or non-fiction prose up to 2,500 words; entries will be submitted to three Canadian magazines for consideration
  • Deadline: November 3
  • Prize: $2,500
  • Entry fee:  $29

For more details, mosey on over here.

Prairie Fire Writing Contests – Short Fiction Contest

  • Maximum 10,000 words; 1 story/submission
  • Deadline: November 30th
  • Prize: 1st prize: $1,250, 2nd prize: $500, 3rd prize, $250 + publication in Prairie Fire

More details here. Or, look below!!

Freefall’s Fiction and Poetry Contests

  • Maximum length for fiction: 4,000 words; can submit up to 5 poems not exceeding 6 pages each
  • Deadline: December 31 (if you think it’s a long time from now, think again)
  • Prize: 1st place: $300, 2nd place: $150, 3rd place: $75 (yeah, writing doesn’t pay a lot)
  • Entry fee: If you’re a member of the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society – and who isn’t – it’s $10. If not, $20. For each additional entry, $5.

For more details – or, to enter online – you know the drill.

Good luck to all who enter! I’m opening a betting pool against myself that I won’t be among them.

2011 Toronto Star Short Story Contest *Updated To Include More Info*

Join me! I WILL finish and submit a story this time, I swear!

You can get the full contest details here, but I’ll give you the jist. (Which I should have done when I originally posted this, just as I did with my latest post about contests.)

  • Deadline: Sunday, Feburary 27, 2011
  • Entrants must be a resident of Ontario, and at least 16 years old
  • One entry per person, max 2,500 words
  • Must include 25-30 word biographical sketch on separate piece of paper
  • 1st prize: $5,000 + tuition fee for Humber School Writers 2011 Correspondence Program in Creative Writing (approx. $3,000 value)
  • 2nd prize: $2,000
  • 3rd prize: $1,000
  • Winners will be announced April 15, 2011

I actually have ideas for several stories I want to submit. So what I’m going to do is write them all and pick the one I like best. I will post the non-submitted ones, in case posting the one I do submit is against contest rules. Yeah, except I don’t have time for that as the contest deadline is in like two and a half weeks. So I’ll just have to mull over my ideas and pick one, maybe two.

Good luck! (But not that good; I wanna win!)

Moar Contests!!

Yeah. Fiction writing contests in Canada are AWESOME. Not only do you have to PAY THEM to enter, but the prize money, for the most part, can barely cover a monthly bus pass. (But COULD buy you several bottles of wine.)

Don’t these people know that I’m a wanna-be writer, aka, broke?! Sheesus. Guess I’ll have to write about sparkly vampires or a wizard boarding school to fulfill my dream of installing an Olympic-sized pool that I can fill with money, and a champagne fountain.

Anyway, these contests come from The Canadian Writer’s Market, which is a really good resource for freelance writers. And judging from the content, non-fiction writing is far more lucrative than fiction writing, *Sigh*.

If you see me on the street, please be kind enough to drop a quarter or two in my threadbare Starbucks cup.

Lush Triumphant

www.subterrain.ca (site has not yet updated for 2011 contest; I assume they will)

  • Deadline: May 15
  • Length: not sure; perhaps the site provides guidelines? Sorry I didn’t look; just copied and pasted the link to the site. Told ya I was lazy!!
  • 3 categories – fiction, poetry & non-fiction
  • 1st Place Prize: $750 + publication in future issue of magazine
  • 2nd Place Prize: $250 + publication in future issue of magazine
  • Entry fee: $25
  • Note: familiarize yourself with the magazine to get a sense of the audience. Good luck finding a copy. I suggest Chapters. Though all who enter get a FREE 1-year subscription, so if you don’t win at least you get a head start to try again next year!

Finding The Right Words Flash Fiction Contest


  • Deadline: July 21
  • Length: 500 words
  • Theme: see website
  • 1st Place Prize: $60 + publication in InkSpotter News
  • 2nd Place Prize: $30 + publication in InkSpotter News
  • Entry fee: $2

…Shit. I thought there was more contests than that. I mean, there ARE more than that but the contests aren’t until, like fall. I could post those ones as well – it’s never too early to start  – but I. AM. LAZY.

And, there IS another contest for this month, but the deadline is February 14th. You could risk it, seeing that the required word length is 250, dash it off in a day and mail it. Failing that, Fed-Ex it? But who wants to pay MORE MONEY to submit something to a contest that you have to pay $5 enter?!


NaNoWriMo Count: Day 4

Keep in mind I’m three days behind schedule:


It’s a sad amount of words in general, never mind that my ideal word count, PER DAY, is supposed to be about 1500 words. But at least I’m doin’ it! 🙂

Here’s my profile. I may write some more tonight; if so, I will update on my word count.


I had a lot of stories I wanted to post this week, but for once I wasn’t able to because of procrastination: I’ve been legitimately too busy to. And now NaNoWriMo is upon me, so my posting – at least for the month of November – will be sporadic at best.

Who knows – I may have time to post a story or two, but I’d really rather concentrate on the contest in my continuing quest to FOLLOW THROUGH. (I should really make those words a tag). EDIT – I just did!

Good luck to all those who enter. And I mean that genuinely, because to me, this contest is more about accomplishing a goal rather than winning. Because the best prize of all is blah blah blah.

Contests, Contests, Contests!

The Toronto Short Story Contest and NaNoWriMo aren’t the only contests I’ve put off entering. Over the years, I’ve bought several editions of The Canadian Writer’s Market which contains valuable information for freelance fiction and non-fiction writers, including where your work can get published, such as magazines, literary journals, and newspapers; there’s also the names of book publishers and literary agents. And, as the title of this post indicates – contests! In the past I used to lean towards getting my work published in magazines, but recently I’ve been leaning towards entering contests. If entering means highlighted said contest in question, telling yourself you will enter, then sticking the book on your shelf to be a catch-all for dust. But now since I’ve made a commitment to writing regularly, and to entering the aforementioned contests, I don’t think it will hurt to enter a few more: casting wide net and all that business.

Since my genre, obviously, is fiction, the following are the contests I intend to  enter. They’re annual, so I’m only listing the ones that have fall/winter deadlines. Of course, once the season changes I will enter those.

Keep in mind: these contests are open to Canadian citizens only.

Lawrence House Short Story Contest


  • Deadline: Sept 30 (this one I will not be entering as it is a little late for me; but I’m posting it just in case anyone reading this would like to)
  • 1st Prize: $250; 2nd prize: $150; 3rd prize, $100
  • 2500 words or less
  • $20 entry fee

CBC Literary Awards


  • Deadline: November 1
  • 1st prize $6000; 2nd prize $4000
  • 3 categories including short fiction – 2000-2,5000 words
  • $20 entry fee

The Writer’s Union of Canada Awards and Competition


There are two applicable categories:

Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers

  • Deadline: Nov 3
  • $2,500 prize for 2,500 words of fiction or non-fiction
  • $25 entry fee

Postcard Story Competition

  • Deadline: Feb 14
  • $500 prize for short creative pieces including fiction
  • Up to 200 words
  • $5 entry fee

Freefall’s Fiction and Poetry Contest


  • Deadline: December 31
  • $1st place $300; 2nd prize $150; 3rd prize $75
  • Maximum length 3000 words for fiction
  • $20 entry fee: additional entries $5

PRISM International Annual Short Fiction Contest


  • Deadline: Jan 29
  • $2000 prize
  • original, unpublished short story up to 25 double spaced pages
  • $25 entry fee; $7 for each additional story.

Good luck to those who enter!