Not Harry Potter.

Here’s the first look at the cover art for J.K. Rowling’s post-Harry Potter work, The Casual Vacancy, due to hit shelves on September 27th. EW’s Shelf Life has more deets!


Curse of the Avid Reader Card: Nora Ephron, 1941-2012

Source: ABC News

Nora Ephron, screenwriter of movie classics such as When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle died yesterday of a rare blood cancer. {The Washington Post]

I should have known better when I said MAKE IT STOP, so let’s get all the latest news about The Book That Won’t Go Away outta the way:

  • Chris Pine is willing to look at the script for The Book That Won’t Go Away. I’m willing to look at him nekkid. [Celebuzz]
  • Emma Roberts hasn’t even read the book and she totally wants in. Methinks someone just wants to boost her acting career. Me-also-thinks she should actually
    read the book
    before she makes a firm commitment, particularly the infamous tampon scene []
  • Apparently The Book That Won’t Go Away has encouraged people to start reading again []
  • 16 desserts inspired by The Book That Won’t Go Away [Buzzfeed]
  • These “trailers” for The Book That Won’t Go Away arehilarious; particularly the second one where Christian Grey is at his desk crying shirtless over his blotter. NSFW to the max! {Part 1, c/o YouTube] [Part 2, c/o YouTube]
  • Jimmy Fallon takes The Book That Won’t Go Away to karaoke [Huff Post Comedy Canada]
  • I think E.L. James’ husband is a little jealous of her success. I on the other hand, totally am not. [Blogra]

If youre going to self-publish! mek SUre yu poofead. [DuoLit]

When Can I Call Myself a Writer? [Beyond The Margins]

What Makes Bad Writing? [The Wall Street Journal]

I need one of these, like yesterday. I’m sick of working at the kitchen table or on my bed. [Flavorwire]

50 redundant phrases to avoid in writing []

11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of Their Books [Mental Floss]

If you’re into Young Adult fiction, get the latest news here [ONTD]

Advice on short story writing from a master [Open Culture]

Writing advice from another master [The Atlantic]

Another argument for independent publishing [Novel Publicity & Co.]

The Rules of Storytelling, Pixar Style [Writer’s Digest]

Canadian author Peter Robinson wins crime novel award [CBC News]

Toronto’s World Biggest Bookstore could close in 2013 []

WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS? (Burn the books, I mean, not try to save ’em) [CBC News]

I also need this, like, yesterday. [Galleycat]

New Graphic Novel App for iPad Launches [DBW]

The French Still Flock to Bookstores [The New York Times]

Dammit. I already waste enough time on Pinterest as it is! [Publishers Weekly]

Agreed. I’m much more creative at coffee shops than I am at the library. It’s just the whole “writing on my Macbook Pro at Starbucks” seems so cliché. [The Atlantic]

Yeesh. These people need to leave Obama ‘lone. [Huff Post Books Canada]

Making E-books Is Harder Than It Looks [Huff Post Books Canada]

Awesome Books to Replace Your Favourite Cancelled TV Shows [io9]

And finally, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 trailer:

Note: this will be my last post for a while, because I’m goin’ away for a few days. Yay! Next post will be some FICTION for a change, because, yeah, I still write that.

Curse of the Avid Reader Card: Walker Takes a Stand

Alice Walker forbids Hebrew “Color Purple” translation [Globes]

I mean, I love books, but not that much. [Writer’s Relief]

More “Hunger Games” casting news [Entertainment Weekly]

Summer Reading Flow Chart for the High School Set [Book Patrol]

Is Fiction Changing, for Better or For Worse? [The New York Times]

Some self-publishing advice [Writer’s Digest]

Some writing advice [figment]

“Literary introvert?” Isn’t that an oxymoron? [Psychology Today]

Another great short story from Canada Writes [CBC Books]

I’ve just had a brainstorm…

I’ve just had a brainstorm. I will be live-blogging my thoughts on the books from my 2012 Summer Reading List as I read them. I will still have a page for my reviews of them once I’m finished, but I thought it’d be fun to also get my thoughts as I read them.

Hope you enjoy!

Update: Instead of liveblogging here, I’ve decided to open up a Tumblr account for this purpose. That means I probably won’t be setting up a page for reviews, since it seems kind of moot now that I’m doing this. But I will post the link to this Tumblr under the Season’s Readings page, if you’re interested. Thanks!

Updated June 23, 2012: Won’t be doing this anymore. See this post for details. 

Curse of The Avid Reader Card: MAKE IT STOP.

Break out a human-sized rock, because you’re going to want to live under it to avoid hearing any more about The Book That Won’t Go Away [Celebuzz]

Failing that, why not try capitalizing by selling merchandise based on The Book That Won’t Go Away? [Huff Post Style Canada] [The Gloss]

If you shoot yourself after reading this, don’t blame me…blame The Book That Won’t Go Away [The Daily Mail Online]

I’m really certain you will shoot yourself after reading this. Obviously, I’m the last person who would advocate book burning, but for The Book That Won’t Go Away, I will make an exception [Huff Post Books Canada]

As if Twilight hasn’t ruined enough lives already, it’s where The Book That Won’t Go Away got its roots [The Wall Street Journal]

The guy who wrote American Psycho wrote about torture, now he’s out to torture himself, because he really really really wants to write the script for the movie based on The Book That Won’t Go Away [The Hollywood Reporter]

Books of Summer 2012: The List That Never Ends

Currently reading: Messy – Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

You know the drill. If you don’t, click here. If you don’t know the drill, but you don’t care, don’t click there. If you know the drill but you don’t care, I don’t blame you, because I’ve stopped caring too. I mean, I obviously somewhat care because I’ve been doing this list for a full year now…okay, let’s just say I’m apathetic at best…which is the reason why I’ve yet to finish this list once and for all!

Okay. Let’s move on, shall we?

List of books under the cut.

Update: Instead of the usual reviews, I will be liveblogging my way through each book on Tumblr

Update #2: June 23, 2012. Won’t be doing a liveblog after all; it takes up a lot of time. If I had just a few books to read, I would, but I have over twenty books to go through, so reading them and blogging about them will take about twice the time. Instead, I will just do as usual and just do a review for each after I’ve read them. 

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Down With OPB: One Direction.

A few years ago, I was living in Toronto to pursue a career in advertising – which promptly crashed and burned. (How badly? On a scale from one to ten: Hindenburg.) Because my mode of transportation, much like my heroine Wonder Woman’s, was invisible, I often took public transportation. Which isn’t much of a big deal in Toronto, because, for the most part, it is readily available and fairly frequent. Plus, my driving skills are barely passable in the suburbs, so my chances of surviving in big city traffic…well, there’d be no chance. Anyway, my point is that because I took so much public transportation, I’d often find myself at the TTC’s Union subway station. WIthin this subway station is an underground mall populated with tenants such as Coles Bookstore, Starbucks, and the LCBO. (You can see why I frequented there between stops).

It seemed that every time I entered the mall, everyone else was exiting; that everyone but I was going in the same direction. All those who walked in the opposite direction as I did seemed purposeful, seemed as though they knew where they were going and how to get there. And I – who kept losing job after job and going on futile interview after futile interview, did not. Like a tidal wave, this rush of people kept pushing me back to where I was going, and I kept fighting against them, kept pushing back. Every single time this happened, every single time, it would remind me of a certain scene in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon.

You can breathe a sigh of relief: this is not going to be a post about my life. And for the pre-teen girls who Googled a certain flash-in-the-pan boy band and came across this: ha-ha!

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