Less Bitchin’, More Fiction

Once again, I’ve neglected this blog for a long period of time due to life changes, procrastination, etc., etc. – the usual round of excuses I come up with every time I address my long absences. I mean, I started this blog to write more frequently, not to publicize my excuses.

I haven’t been happy with the direction this blog has taken: too much writing about not writing. And though I’ve added segments such as Down With OPB and Stranger Than Fiction, I still would like the main focus to be my own writing, my original fiction.

I mean when’s the last time I’ve published a long fiction piece on here? Donkey years, yo.

So instead of focusing on the things I planned on doing, such as that CBC Short Fiction Contest I swore up and down that I’d do, NaNoWriMo and writing a short story for every single holiday, let’s focus on the stuff I that I’m going to do.

Such as finish The Bitches.

You heard right: I’mma finally finish this series that really was supposed to be, like, 1000-words, instead of 30,000 or whatever. Right now I am working on Part 11, a portion of which I wrote last fall, believe it or not. Hope y’all are still on board with me, ’cause I’ve been writing this thing since last March, y’all.

So – and this time I mean it – I will not post another thing until The Bitches are finished. After that, I’m going to keep this blog more about fiction and less about why I haven’t been writing it. While I will still include other segments such as the aforementioned, they will be far and few between.

Meaning less posts like the one I’m posting at this moment! Would that be considered irony? Of course it is; I know the meaning of irony, for Chrissakes! I’m a writer (kinda)! I’ve got an English degree! And I’m a lover of Shakespeare!

Unlike Alanis Morissette, who wouldn’t know irony if it showed up in the form of Dave Coulier.


Johnny Cage and The Assless Chaps, featuring Colette

Last year  I started the segment “It’s A Jolly Holiday“, wherein I intended to write a short story for every holiday. At first I fulfilled that promise – albeit, not always on the exact date of the holiday – but then fell off in a big way. But judging from my track record, is this really a surprise?

(More on that later.)

Regardless, I’m gonna try again. Hope I can stick to it this time! To kick things off – slightly late, of course – is my story for New Year’s. It’s a little unusual though, ’cause the story has nothing to do with New Year’s, except for the fact that it was written on New Year’s Day by three really bored people who were too lazy to venture outside.

Yes, that’s right: it was a collaborative effort: the “you write one line, then I write the next line, etc.”  Try to guess which ones I wrote.

Disclaimer: if you can’t tell by the title of this post, this story went downhill fast, mostly thanks to the mention of assess chaps, natch. Simply put: this story is a hot mess, and I should be too embarrassed to post this, but whatevs; I’m still bored.

Sad that this is considered as excitement in my life.

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