Grab An Extinguisher!

My pants must be on fiyah, ’cause I said that I was gonna take a break from blogging but spent a fair amount of time last night deciding on the (unremarkable) background image you see here.

Now I’m taking a break for sure. Until next week!



Gonna have to take a short break from blogging, ’cause I’ve been neglecting other stuff in my life that needs taking care of. Hope to be back on board next week!


Things you may have noticed, may not have noticed, or don’t give a shit about that have changed here recently:

  • The template. But that’s a given, ’cause I change that a lot. More than I’ve changed the name of this blog. So that’s a lot lot.
  • Even more than that: the “header” picture of this blog. It changed a lot lot lot before I decided on the one you see at the top of the page. It took about a week, over 30 pictures (I think) and a set of lithium batteries before I settled on it. And I’m still not sure it’s gonna stay there forever. Same goes for the template. Speaking of lithium: I think it’s time I start taking some.
  • Also: I’m back on Tumblr. I had one before to get more page views but after a while it lost its original purpose, but I deleted it. But earlier this month, I started another one, and so far, have made it strictly about linking to Prose Nylund. I’ve so cleverly called it As The Word Turns. I also have another blog on Tumblr, but it’s unrelated to writing, instead containing my oh-so-fresh and witty commentary of commercials past and present: I Want My 30 Seconds Back. You can also find the links to those at the right side of the home page.

Speaking of links, I’ve added quite a bit more to blogs that I enjoy and think you should enjoy to but have yet to credit them, so here goes. First are the blogs related to writing & other such writerly things:

And here are links to blogs that I enjoy and think you should enjoy too but are not related to writing and other such writerly things:

And now I think I’m up to date! On the changes to Prose Nylund, that is. On The Bitches, not so much. But I will finish it, I promise. I know I’ve been sayin’ that forever, but I mean it!

In the meantime: here’s David Bowie!

What A Waste.

“This,” whispers Sienna, “is so fucking stupid.”

“Incredibly stupid,” agrees Adele.

“This is so lame,” Sienna continues.

Very lame.”

“This is so fucking retarded.”

“Extremely…wait. I don’t think that word is appropriate…”

“This is SO gay.”

“Hey now, Sienna, you know I have a lot of gay friends…”

Sienna throws down the pointed stick she’s using to pick up litter from off the lawn. “Shut the fuck up, Adele. It’s bad enough we have to do this shit without you spouting your stupid PC crap at me.”

Adele throws down her stick, too. “You shut up yourself! We’re in enough trouble as it is!”

Sienna gets closer to Adele until their look-a-like noses are touching. “And whose fault is that?”

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Extended Holiday Hours.

The next story I’m about to post has been sitting half-finished in my WordPress queue for quite a while. Since April 23rd, Earth Day, to be exact. Which was the theme of said story written to fulfill my goal of writing a short story for every holiday of the year. Another goal of which I’ve fallen short…but am still determined to complete, regardless of how crazy it’ll make me look. So! In addition to the Earth Day story, you can expect to see stories based on the following past holidays:

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Victoria Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Friday the 13th (not really a holiday, I know)
  • Canada Day

Of course, I’m not even going to think of writing a single one until I finish The Bitches. Which I’ll hopefully do before any more holidays pile up on me.

I Won A Gift Card ‘Cause I Obsess So Hard.

Don’t you dare laugh at my title. I write FICTION, not poetry.

Anywho, like most neurotic people, I have a shitload of obsessions. One of them is cleaning. I’m a neat freak to the max. So I spent this weekend making my already tidy room tidier. One of the tasks involved the rearranging of my collection comprised of another obsession: Wonder Woman.

(Don’t you dare call me a nerd. Like Milhouse van Houten said: “I’m not a nerd! Nerds are smart!”)

Anyway, I uploaded the pic to my Twitter account. One of the accounts I follow, Specter Magazine, a literary publication, must’ve had some kind of tweet contest,’cause next thing I know, I’m one of two people getting awarded with a $25 gift card. In their words:It’s nice to be rewarded for being me…which is kind of an obsessive freak. No, really. That’s hardly the extent of my collection. I have like seven t-shirts, a hoodie, a fanny pack, a notebook, a reusable shopping bag (which of course I don’t use), a swimsuit from when I was three years old and the full outfit. Yes, I said the full outfit. Didn’t you see the first sentence of this paragraph?

At any rate, I’m thankful to Specter Magazine. To show my appreciation, I’m adding their website to my growing number of links, which are located on the right side of the home page. And I’m going to use the gift card they gave me to buy a copy of Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

Don’t you dare laugh at my choice…ok, ok, I am a nerd.

Down With OPB: Summer Reads Make Me Feel Fine!

*Latest update: Sept 5, 2011* 

I started this list in early July because I had a bunch of books from the library I had yet to read but was kinda dragging my feet about doing so. The title count started at about 25 but went up to 28 because I kept taking books out of the library. It’s since gone down to 22 23 (argh) 24 (double argh) since I’ve removed from the list books that I already own, as it makes more sense to finish the time sensitive ones first.

Also: while it seems that the end of summer comes with Labour Day – and therefore means that I should have finished with the books on this list by now – I’m going with the calendar end of  summer, which is Sept 23, so I still have a bit of time.

Remember to visit my Books of Summer page to read my “in-five-words-or-less” reviews of each finished read!

1. White Tiger – Aravind Adiga –  moved to Fall Reads

2. Surfacing – Margaret Atwoood – moved to Fall Reads

3. Eleanor Rigby – Douglas Coupland – moved to Fall Reads

4. My Soul to Keep – Tananrive Due – moved to Fall Reads

5. Joplin’s Ghost – Tananarive Due – moved to Fall Reads

6. 26a – Diana Evans

7. True Colors – Kristin Hannah

8. Video Cowboys – Yolanda Joe – moved to Fall Reads

9. The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

10. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later – Francine Pascal

11. The Truth About Diamonds – Nicole Richie (Don’t judge me! After all I did read Lauren Conrad’s entire L.A. Candy series!)

12. Priceless – Nicole Richie

13. Some Sing, Some Cry – Ntozake Shange & Ifa Bayeza – moved to Fall Reads

14. On a Day Like This – Peter Stamm – moved to Fall Reads

15. The Vixen Diaries – Karinne Steffans

16. The Dirty Girls Social Club – Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

17. Fly Away Home – Jennifer Weiner

18. Gone With A Handsomer Man – Michael Lee West

19. Holding On For As Long As Possible – Zoe Whittall – moved to Fall Reads

20. No One In The World –  (The late) E. Lynn Harris & RM Johnson

21. Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns: Stories – J. California Cooper – moved to Fall Reads

22. The Upper Room – Mary Monroe – moved to Fall Reads

23. The Kid – Sapphire

24. Then Came You – Jennifer Weiner

The bolded indicates the book I’m currently reading

My mission statement, after the cut.

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