Books of Summer 2012: The List That Never Ends

Currently reading: Messy – Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

You know the drill. If you don’t, click here. If you don’t know the drill, but you don’t care, don’t click there. If you know the drill but you don’t care, I don’t blame you, because I’ve stopped caring too. I mean, I obviously somewhat care because I’ve been doing this list for a full year now…okay, let’s just say I’m apathetic at best…which is the reason why I’ve yet to finish this list once and for all!

Okay. Let’s move on, shall we?

List of books under the cut.

Update: Instead of the usual reviews, I will be liveblogging my way through each book on Tumblr

Update #2: June 23, 2012. Won’t be doing a liveblog after all; it takes up a lot of time. If I had just a few books to read, I would, but I have over twenty books to go through, so reading them and blogging about them will take about twice the time. Instead, I will just do as usual and just do a review for each after I’ve read them. 

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