Spring 2012

Reviews of the books from Spring Reading.

1. Spoiled – Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Honestly – I expected more from the girls behind the hilarious site Go Fug Yourself. As humorous as this novel was, it was still pretty much your standard teen novel, complete with bratty rich teen mean girls and name dropping of both designer labels and celebrities. While there is a poignancy at the heart of the novel, it’s not enough to prevent it from being an unremarkable read. That being said, I’m totally down for the sequel.

*Updated May 22, 2012* The sequel has been put on hold!

2. Video Cowboys – Yolanda Joe

This took me forever to get through – and I don’t know why. Perhaps because it was a mystery novel and I don’t really like mystery novels? The writing was okay, but I HATED how every SECOND word was WRITTEN IN CAPS. But that’s still not the reason why I struggled to finish this book. I guess, much like the book, that’s a mystery.

3. Silver Sparrow – Tayari Jones

The plot of this book is compelling enough, but the writing alone – my goodness. This is real writing people. This is a really talented author – which is a rare find these days. It’s a shame that novels with extremely poor writing are so popularized just because it contains “kinky” subject matter while novels with beautifully and masterfully crafted prose such as this get little to no notice. But if you want a taste of writing as it should be – by someone who has obviously worked for years to perfect their skills instead of someone who one day just woke up and decided to be a writer – you’ll get it here.

*Updated May 27, 2012* – Lookie here!

4. 666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce

I can describe this very unoriginally as chick-lit with a supernatural twist. I can also describe this as a cautionary tale: don’t accept a marriage proposal from a man you’ve been dating for just a month because you might end up marrying into a family of witches trying to steal your witchy powers which you just discovered days after you accepted said proposal  when you went to visit your grandmother who died but left behind a letter informing you of said witchy powers but as it turns out your fiancé killed your grandmother but only because your evil mother-in-law guilt tripped him into doing so as well as orchestrating your entire relationship with your fiancé so she could steal your witchy powers.


Unsurprisingly, this song got stuck in my head the entire time I read this.

P.S. There’s a sequel to this book. Unfortunately it is NOT available in the library so I downloaded it.

P.P.S. Apparently this book is going to be a TV series. Go figure. Oh, except the concept is almost completely different from the book, rendering it almost unrecognizable so that the only thing it has in common with it is the title.  Go figurerer.

P.P.P.S. If you can recognize the glaring error in the linked article about the T.V. series, I’ll do a shot in your honour.

*Update May 22, 2012* P.P.P.P.S I finished the sequel to this book! Read about it here.

5. Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult

wasn’t crying at the end…I had something in my eyes: tears of sadness, which is totally different from crying.

Seriously – while the ending is sad, the book took me much longer than it usually takes me to finish a Jodi Picoult book. Sadly, I think it mostly had to do with Luke’s parts of the story, when he talks about his work with wolves. Sorry, but stuff about wildlife bores me to tears. And while I love me a Jodi Picoult read, I wish she’d write a book away from the formula of “health crisis/death leads to a lawsuit that tears a family apart”. I haven’t read all of her books, mind you, but I’ve read a some summaries of them and they seem all the same. But she’s a fantastic writer, so while I find her subject matter repetitive, at least I know I’m in for an enjoyable read.

6. Nervous – Zane

You’d could say I wasn’t very fond of this book. You could say I was so not fond that it took me not one, not two, not three, not three-and-a-half four, but FIVE posts to explain why not.

7. What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty

Once again, another book I will be reviewing separately on the main blog. I will provide the link once its done. Don’t fear – it won’t be as long or anywhere near as scathing as the book above.

In the meantime: while Googling the image for this book, I came across a site that informs me that there is going to be a movie. Of course there is. And judging by the way Hollywood adapts books to movie, they’re going to fuck it up. Worse yet: if you haven’t taken a look at the link, the author actually has Jennifer Aniston in mind as one of the potential actresses to play Alice. Really? First of all, why not pick an Australian actress since Alice is Australian? Second: why not pick an actress who actually has range and isn’t one-note?

I’m such a bitch.

8. A Grown Up Kind of Pretty – Joshilyn Jackson

Who would have thought that a book involving crib death, adultery, teenage pregnancy two generations over, kidnapping, drug use and an intentional poisoning would be so poignant…and so funny? It’s easy to pull off when you’re a talented writer. Hats off to you Ms. Jackson.

…and my Spring Reading book list is a failure, much like my other lists. I think this is the worst one yet. Eight books? Guh.


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