Curse of the Avid Reader Card: Erica Kennedy 1970-2012 *Updated June 19, 2012*

I’m dedicating this edition of Curse of the Avid Reader Card to a young, talented writer named Erica Kennedy who was found dead yesterday in her Miami Beach apartment. Her death is a shock to me, but it usually is when it happens to someone who is so young and seemed to have had so much more to offer the world. Perhaps the tragedy lies in them being no longer able to do so.

Her second novel, Feminista, was actually one of the books on my Winter Reading List; it had actually been one of my favourites, one that I laughed my way through. I had also read her first novel, Bling, and was eagerly awaiting her next work. Unfortunately, that will never come. But her loss to the literary world is minuscule compared to the loss her friends and family are suffering, to whom I send my condolences.

Read more about her life and death here, here, and, a blog post written by a personal friend of hers here.

R.I.P Ms. Kennedy.

ETA: More tributes here…

PR Newser


Madame Noire

Huffington Post

Also, here’s her Twitter accountAmazon page, and page.

ETA: June 19, 2012 – even more tributes

New York Times

Huffington Post (this article is more in-depth than the last)

Boston Globe


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