Curse of the Avid Reader Card: Catholic Church Says “Nun of This!”

Nun writes a book about female masturbation, upon which – of course –  the Vatican frowns. So let me get this straight: women can’t have premarital sex, masturbate, use birth control, be a single mom, or have an abortion. I’d tell the Vatican to wank off, but that’s not allowed. Though maybe if they actually tried it, they wouldn’t be so uptight! [Jezebel]

I flatlined several times reading this [Fifty Shades of Gay]

Another John Grisham novel makes it way to the silver screen, but it’s actually about baseball [Variety]

4 Reasons For Making Time to Read [Writer’s Digest]

There’s a such thing as illegal price-fixing on ebooks? In the publishing world, that’s, like, gangsta shit! [Quill & Quire]

50+ Things to Make From Old Books [Saved by Love Creations]

Why American authors are obsessed with the apocalypse [New Statesman]

Check out this awesome Tumblr site. It tracks the reading habits of NYC subway passengers [Underground New York Public Library]

C.S. Lewis on Reading Old Books [The City Online]

Emma Watson goes from one film adapted from a book to another [Huffington Post]

Contemporary Authors We Think We’ll Still Be Reading in 100 Years [Flavorwire]

Breaking Down The Manuscript – Editing your manuscript [The Write One Blog]

Scribe Awards nominees [Locus Online]

And I thought I was bad with overdue library books [BBC News]

Casting news for yet another young adult novel turned TV show []

Casting news for yet another young adult novel turned movie [FirstShowing.Net]

There’s a such thing as a BookExpo? Excuse my ignorance, but HOW AM I FINDING THIS OUT JUST NOW?! [CBS Money Watch]

IndieReader Discovery Award Winners Announced [Huff Post Books Canada]

The Life Of A Writer – Changing a career [The Write One Blog]

Can a book be too pretty? [Toronto Standard]

How To Do Research For Historical Fiction [Writer’s Relief]

Dave Eggers’ New Book [Huff Post Books Canada]

Once I read the description of this novel, I immediately logged onto my online library account and put it on hold [Indigo]

10 Videos You Could Use To Inspire Writing [Antsict]

Why I Write “Strong Female Characters” [io9]

Five new crime-fiction books that will keep you guessing all summer [The Globe and Mail]


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